Why Good Architecture Plays Important Role In Our Lives?

Well said by the Winston Churchill about the architectural designs of our buildings, “we shape our buildings and thereafter our buildings shape us’. The science of Architecture is beyond the clever arrangement of bricks.

Architecture is looking far beyond the designing of blueprints. Creating architectural designs is not about adding elegance, but while designing it is also kept in mind that this place should be functional as well. It is required to consider various factors such as airflow, light entrance, elegance and a holistic approach that binds communities together. Usually, we do not realize that we are affected by our environment but the fact is we react, respond and changed by our surroundings. Our building design means a lot to us.

You are planning to build your new home or want to renovate the older one then it is really important to have an architectural design in your hand before initiating any work. Having a plan beforehand also prevents mistakes during the construction process. The design of houses should be in such a way that all rooms get the maximum benefit of the sunlight whether the occupants desire it or not. In addition to this, it is also necessary to consider building orientation which will affect the building. Architectural designs are mainly concerned with the functionality of the building. A building should fulfill all the requirements of the person residing inside, otherwise, this will be worthless. Safety is also a major concern; a new building should be strong enough and can stand for a long duration. It should be built as per the local building codes and ordinances. Moreover, architecture is not linked to practicality, functionality, and endurance.

Do you know the fact that about 90% of our lives spend inside the walls of our Home, School or either Workplaces? So there is no doubt if I say that our mental health is heavily affected by our surrounding architectural design. The design of our surroundings like walls, table, available space, the shape of buildings, etc. affects the quality of our happiness and misery.

Have you ever felt down or terrible due to lack of sunlight, poor ventilation and the dismal performance of your room? Or have you felt boosted with energy and spirit due to the light and airy building of your Home? Yes, it is just because of the design of your home. In our lives, designing standards play a vital role in mental well being. If your building fails to meet the designing standards then it can hazardous for those who are living inside. On the other hand, a well-designed structure can inflict a positive spirit inside you. Our thinking and reaction style depends on the structure of the walls and buildings where we are spending most of our time.

Making a layout to increase communal interaction and reduce resident frustration is important. Normal circulation paths can offer various opportunities to indulge with other community members. Going into another resident may lead to a lot of chit-chat and talks, which might be the highlight of a person’s day. In an Ideal space designing continuous circulation should be added, which remove dead ends in the corridors and common places.

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